Les Caves is a gourmet restaurant where haute cuisine is skilfully fused with local tastes and culinary traditions. Each dish results from in-depth studies on the organoleptic and nutritional properties of food.

Gourmet Restaurant in Parma


5-course culinary journey at the chef’s discretion, served for the entire table only – €55,00

Optional wine pairing also available (prices vary)



    • Round fresh pasta parcels filled with potato and local black truffle, seasoned with cacio cheese and pepper  € 17,00
    • Potato gnocchi with tuna carbonara sauce 18,00
    • Ravioli filled with pumpkin, Jerusalem artichoke and confit tomato with sage butter and Parmesan € 16,00
    • Our daily special of wild game meat (based on availability) € 20,00
    • Durum wheat spaghetti with blue lobster, coconut milk and lime  € 20,00
    • Carnaroli rice risotto with red onion, black currant and creamed cod € 18,00
    • “Bomba di riso”: small rice ball with pigeon ragù, following the traditional recipe € 20,00


  • San Secondo cooked pork shoulder served warm, sweet and sour pickled vegetables and onion jam        €16,00
  • Roasted scallops, cauliflower au gratin, anchovy vinaigrette and caper powder  €18,00
  • Foie gras escalope, mulled wine poached pears, chestnuts and toasted brioche bread €18,00
  • Deep-water rose shrimp carpaccio and citrus fruits in various forms       €18,00
  • Ravioli al vapore ripieni di gamberi o di sole verdure, insalatinaai profumi orientali   €16,00
  • 3 Chickpeas pureed soup, seafood stew and croutons scented with Madras curry   €18,00
  • 30-month cured S. Ilario Parma Ham   €16,00
  • Polenta tart with porcini mushrooms, Brie and parsley sauce   €16,00
  • Musky octopus stew with warm, flattened, Mediterranean-style potatoes   €16,00

    • A flawless balance of tradition and innovation, where the culinary expertise of our times steps into the future.



  • Ice-cream sandwich: peanut butter cookie, pumpkin semifreddo, toffee caramel  €9,00
  • Dark chocolate cake, red beetroot, almonds and cocoa sorbet €9,00
  • Warm puff pastry with apples, crème brûlée ice-cream €9,00
  • “Duchess Cake”: crispy hazelnut biscuit, zabaglione cream and chocolate ganache €8,00
  • Selection of whisked-to-order fresh fruit sorbets €7,00
  • Exotic fruits Pavlova: mango cream, meringue, fresh fruit, chantilly cream €9,00

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  • Aubergine parmigiana, light basil pesto  €15,00
  • Iberian pork secreto, potato cream with fresh thyme, seasonal mushroom sauté €22,00
  • Monkfish burger, sweet and sour vegetable ratatouille, pine nuts and raisins €20,00
  • Goatfish fillets au gratin, turnip tops and roasted tomato cream €19,00
  • “Mariola” pork sausage, potato purée, Savoy cabbage, green and red sauce, following the traditional recipe  €16,00
  • Salmon with broccoli and ginger and wasabi mayonnaise €19,00
  • Veal fillet, dry fruits breading, celeriac cream, red radicchio and pomegranate €22,00

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